Dice Strategies

The dice are a little more than throwing a die. Because of the variety of bets available in the craps game, it is essential to understand which bettors have a significant advantage against the house, and there are those who do not have any. Then you can adopt a winning dice strategy.


The best bet of dice

The bet Advantage is not only the best bet in the dice, it is also the best bet in the whole casino. It is the only bet in any casino game that has no advantage against the house. These strategies were devised to take the maximum advantage of this great bet.


The Basic Strategy:

The basic strategy of dice is very simple. Place a bet on the Pass line, Do not Pass Bar, Arrive or Bar Not Arrive and place the maximum bet in Advantage that the casino allows. This can be up to three times of your original bet.


The Parity Line System also called “Doey-Don’t“:

The objective is to bet on the Advantage bets since they are excellent dice bets. But the rules of the dice say that you must make a wager Pass line, Bar not Pass, Arrive or Bar not Arrive before you take advantage of the Advantage bet.


Bet the same, balanced amounts in both lines of bets Pass line, Bar not Pass, Arrive or Bar not Arrive. The ideal here is basically to neutralize the Pass or Reach bets when making the same opposite bet at the same time. Then, the bettor has everything he can in the Advantage bet. This will allow you to decrease as much as possible the advantage of the House.


The only problem with the Advantage bet is that it is hard to find. The craps table does not have an area called “Advantage Bets”. You must move your cursor near the areas Pass or not Pass, or near the number in which you have a bet to reach or not to arrive and finally the bet option of Advantage will turn on. Then click on the left to place your Advantage bet. Remember: it’s a great bet, and it’s worth the trouble to find it.


Luck as Strategy of the Dice

Some people have fewer tendencies to rely on the mathematical strategy of the dice, and rely more on fun approaches to win the dice. The song “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” by Frank Sinatra refers to the ritual of having a woman blow the dice of the pitcher to bring good luck. Also depending on deep cultural traditions of casino, some people believe that some players or certain behavior brings them bad luck.


The strongest habit of these is to say the word “seven” on the table. This will make you. a pariah among the dice players, and many of their dice-playing partners will believe that it will be the judgment of the entire table. It is also considered bad luck to be a “virgin” male player, although it is considered lucky to have a female “thrower”.


The most important strategy when playing dice is a skillful handling of your fortune. It is essential to determine a loss limit and how to maintain it. If you come to a craps table pretending to spend $ 100, it’s very tempting to keep spending after the $ 100 is gone, since you expect the next $ 10 to make it back, but it’s not a good long-term idea.


If it happens that you win quickly, you can take the following form to make sure that you will leave with your fortune intact. When it is 75 or 100% above your original bet, save the original bet and only bet your winnings. As an example, let’s say you intend to spend $ 100 and quickly earn $ 75 on your first bets. He knows he has $ 175 in his hand. Take $ 100 and place it in your pocket and place in the future $ 75 bets you’ve won. In this way, he knows that he will be equal or even ahead.


Have fun Playing Dice

Each dice player expects a hot table and a great night of fun, but all players must come to the game with a strategy to win. Playing dice is a fantastic game in a casino, and you can relax knowing that you have a plan.

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