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Starting to play poker games

If you have never played, the initial stages of online poker may seem a little challenging, and you may not want to do real money gambling and risk real money immediately. Because of this, exciting poker games are also available for free, which are a terrific way to explore the poker room, test out various choices, and participate in engaging tables.

Playing for free

If you desire to play for free:

Register for a Poker Stars accounts and download Poker Stars software for free.

In the lobby, mark “Game money.” Playing for free in the full version and the free mobile app is possible. 

You will find more free money tables, tournaments, Sit & Gos, and other events here than anyplace else online.

More information is provided below, and we’ll also outline how to take advantage of the fantastic free offer if you’re ready to play for doing some real money gambling.

How to play poker for free?

Play money is at risk at our free tables, and you may always request more! Thousands of players participate daily in play money events and cash tables. It is a fantastic chance to become familiar with exciting poker games and develop online playing techniques.

Open a Stars account and download our free application to get going. It simply takes a short while! Select your username, which will display your name on all tables, and your password, and verify your email address. If your registration is successful, we will credit your account with play money so you can access free games.

In the game room, you can play cash tables and tournaments, which are the two main types of online poker. Money tables are classic games you can participate in or leave anytime. The amount of virtual money (often referred to as the bankroll) that players bring to the table is their choice. Tokens for the game can be added later or replaced if lost. Once enough players are interested in the game, tournaments begin at a particular time. It is typically necessary to make a one-time fixed purchase to join. In a match, players who lose their whole stack are eliminated from the action and removed from the table. The only person left at the table is the winner. The prize money, which includes participant purchases, is divided among the players who have fought the longest. The most significant portion goes to the winner.

Open the application and select the “Play Money” option in the lobby to play one of our games for free. Then decide which game you would like to play that you enjoy. Have a seat at one of the money tables once you run out of play money, and we’ll refill your account with free play tokens.

Play money and real money gambling

You can choose from various options and tables when using play money. The initial deposit offer will be partially applied to your deposit if you wish to start playing with real money. You can always check your account balance at the cash register for both play and real money.

You can choose from various poker games and tournament styles in the real money and game lobby areas.

Try our quick Zoom tables when you feel more comfortable playing on our tables. They can be purchased with real money or play money.

You can participate in all of our activities in our free games since the play money lobby also has all of the options available at the regular tables.

Remember that you are always welcome to join our free poker school even if you lack previous knowledge. It is a platform for learning, practicing, and developing new abilities.

Take part in daily freerolls to win real money.

We provide access to free poker tables as well as daily freerolls where you can enter to win cash rewards. These competitions are free to join, but you may win real money at our cost! Freerolls may be found in the full version when using a laptop or desktop computer under the “Tournaments” menu. Pick “Freeroll” from the buy-in filter after selecting lobby in the mobile app.

You are ready for real money games as soon as you are comfortable with our application and understand the regulations. Start refining your talents by obtaining our free program. This makes it the sole option for poker because new games begin every second.

Exciting poker games await!

Poker Stars offers everyone an option to learn how to play poker. Learn all of the best poker games! Different rules, strategies, hands, poker dictionary, and so on.

There are also frequent tournaments and the possibility of watching live poker!

Safe and secure way of playing poker

Fast withdrawals

Quick access to your money whenever you need it

Player security

We keep player money apart from other money, so it is always secure.

Deposit restrictions

Utilize our user-friendly tools to track your spending when playing games online.

Remember always to play responsibly!