PokerTracker vs Holdem Manager: Which Is Better?

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular in the world of today. The experience of playing online poker has also translated into intense profits for some great poker players and allowed them to ace the games beyond imagination. With the expansion of the industry, the availability of the tools for assistance for the players has also diversified. 

Software has entered the market, allowing players to increase their win rates, thereby making more money for them. Some of these software take care of the math behind the decisions you make in your game.

Heads Up Display (HUD) and tracking software are two of the special mentions that allow you to track the way your opponent’s play and gives you an adequate insight into their process of thinking. 

This indeed intensifies the game, underlining the person versus person reality of it. However, there are several HUDs available in the market and indeed choosing one that fits your criteria can be a challenge. Two leading HUDs out there include the PokerTracker and the Holdem Manager. 

Both the HUDs have different features, software and even slightly different costs associated to them. We have reviewed both the HUDs to make a fair comparison to help you choose the one that syncs the most with the features of your choice.

Before going to individual features, it might be useful to say it already:


The PokerTracker has been becoming increasingly dominant in the poker software industry. It is good to know that it is usually popular with both grinder and newbies. 

The PokerTracker 4 is the most recent version of the software available today. It is available for both Mac and Windows, and is pretty easy to download. Furthermore, it does not take up more than 15 Mb of your hard drive.

A 30- day free trial of the software is also available. This is indeed useful if you want to see the available options. Right after you download, you are able to import your hands. This is when your existing and future hands come into the database and stimulate the information in your HUD. 

Even if it might sound complicated and technical, PokerTracker tries to keep it as easy to use as possible. The settings can be automatically regulated instead of requiring manual tweaks. It is pretty user friendly, not requiring any programming software.

Key Features

Some of the important features of PokerTracker are given below:

  • Super easy interface, easy to navigate
  • They include 2 main areas: the live poker area and the database area. The HUD belongs to the live poker area where you can go and start an import
  • When you start importing hands, the HUD will pop up on the tables you are playing and update with every new incoming information
  • The HUD is super customisable
  • The HUDs appear straight on your table. This is why the space is sort of limited and you have to be prudent about which information you want to be displayed in the HUD
  • You can choose to include pre flop, flop, turn and river statistics. Besides, you also have varieties for in and out of position, blinds, button plays etc
  • You are able to update your HUD to include the information that is useful or relevant to you in order to improve your performance further

Pre-set HUDs

This is pretty useful for beginners given the fact that pre- set or custom HUDs are able to supply almost all the essential info required. You can also create different HUDs including:

  • SnGs
  • Cash Games
  • MTTs
  • Satellites
  • Full Ring Games
  • 6- Max Games
  • Heads- Up Games

PokerTracker automatically detects the format but also allows you to easily switch between them.

Other features

PokerTracker uses colour coding which lets you monitor the stats and understand the boundaries with the help of colour changes. For example, when you reach an Aggression Factor of over 90, the colour can turn red, and you can realize if you need to change your tactics against someone. 

Furthermore, PokerTracker 4 allows you to check the whole cards of opponents. 

The support available from this software is also quite strong with a detailed FAQ page, written and video setup guides, installation assistance etc. Forums are also common for addressing issues of users. 

In terms of pricing, PokerTracker has several plans and a 14 day free trial option. The associated cost is either $99.99 or $159.99 depending on which plan you choose. 


To summarize, the strengths and weaknesses of PokerTracker can look like the following:


  • Suitable for Macs
  • Pretty Light Software
  • Versatile HUDs
  • Some amazing features (given above)
  • Competitive pricing structures
  • Suitable for Hold’em and Omaha
  • Separate Small Stakes Price Plans are also available


  • The design is very basic
  • Very few add-ons available
  • It is not compatible with all poker clients
  • Very few analytical tools available

Holdem Manager

This is the original poker software which first released its custom poker tracker before anyone in the market and is still one of the most popular ones.

This is however not available for Mac users as of today and hence is extremely annoying for Apple users when making the right choice of HUD.

The software is not as light as PokerTracker and can take up good amount of space on your device, even sometimes leading to crashes if your device already has poor performance.

Nevertheless, Holdem Manager 2 is still one of the best poker tracking software out there and boasts over double the features as the original versions.

It has thorough tools to track games and evaluate the players, always finding ways of improvement. 

Key Features

It is known to have a smooth interface, super user- friendly and consists of a whole site dedicated to FAQ and support with the software. You can also access forums to address any and every query the players may be facing.

There are several instructions written guides and videos which can not only help you get started but also make the most of the tracker.

Customizable HUDs

Holdem Manager 2 consists of 2 default HUDs for tournaments: Cash Games and SnGs. These feature all the usual statistics associated with preflop and postflop aggressions.

You are also able to alter and create custom HUDs depending on what is more useful to you. 

Using Holdem Manager 2, you are also able to import someone else’s HUD, especially relevant for you if you have a friend who is happy to share and if you are not much experienced, this is your best way to go.

Other Features

Colour coding is also used by this software, identifying the different types of players online and highlighting the different stats relevant to you.

Furthermore, this software has a vast database which allows you to analyse results, evaluate wins and losses and identify the potential weaknesses in several formats. 

You are able to upload hands and check your stats on the move.

Holdem Manager 2 comes in 3 price packages including the:

  • HEM 2 Small Stakes
  • HEM 2 PRO
  • PRO Combo 2 (Omaha + Texas Hold’em)

They all come at a one- off price and you are able to install each piece of software on up to 3 devices that can also be altered. The price ranges form $60 to $160 depending on the plan you choose. 


To summarize, the strengths and weaknesses of Hold'em Manager can look like the following:


  • Stunning HUD
  • Powerful Database
  • A lot of integrated apps included
  • Several unique features
  • Detailed post game analysis


  • Pretty heavy software
  • More expensive than PokerTracker
  • Not compatible for Mac users

Poker Tracker vs Holdem Manager: Final Verdict

Holdem Manager wins the game when talking about the interface and the integrations with third party applications. However, when the topics of platform reliability and free add- on products come up, PokerTracker will steal the show. 

The decision is somewhat divided among the two in terms of HUD and filtering. Both have similar functionalities in this regard. However, Holdem Manager has a slight edge when talking about 3rd party applications with the HUD. You can try both the products, nonetheless.

Both the software have a good enough, or rather long enough, free trial option, whereby you can check and decide for yourself what makes more sense for your specific games or interests/ 

Both the products are a great investment and you will not be a loser in any of the cases. Nevertheless, it is essential for you to look at the key features of both the software, evaluate and make your final call.